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ESC 1999 In Jerusalem was one of the best ESCs in 1990s... I liked the interval act, stage looked great, and all in all, high standard of entries.

1. Lithuania: I do not see anything so great in this song, and Aiste looked really poor on stage. Song that certainly does not appeal to European audience, and is more appropriate for Lithuanian Ethno Festivals.

2. Belgium: This was pretty good. However, the actual performance was not exciting, and song itself obviously did not appeal to televoters. Nice song, but not IN in '99.

3. Spain: This song is plain, something I've heard before. Dress that she was wearing was not necessary. The song should've done better than 1 point & 23rd position.

4. Croatia: At first, I didn't like it, but it grew on me. Doris did a great performance, and controversial backing vocals made the song even more interesting. Very good Doris!

5. United Kingdom: Too boring, plain. Has its qualities, but simply not for ESC. I am sure that there were better songs in UK final, but again, this song isn't all that bad.

6. Slovenia: I was hoping Darja would sing in Slovene, because Slovene version is so much better that the English one. Her dress & smile did not really go with such a ballad. However, 11th place was a bit low. I expected more.

7. Turkey: Turkey was and still is the best of 1999. Great song but terrible performance. Backing vocals destroyed the song, as well as stupid performance. However, the song itself is very good, and is still my favourite for 1999.

8. Norway: Bulut from Euronet Messageboard & I are the only ones who actually do not really hate this song. Performance was pretty bad, but song itself was not so bad. Come on people, it is catchy!

9. Denmark: This was just boring. Two of them looked cute together, even though poor Trine was standing helpless for the first half of the song, while Mikey was singing. 9th position was a bit too high.

10. France: I believe this song has some qualities, but overall, outdated for ESC. Her voice sounded pretty bad at the end, and even though the performance was OK, I just cannot listen to this song.

11. The Netherlands: Well, we all thought it will do better, but yet, it is just another average US-type pop song. Marlayne looked nice, and song itself deserved a better placing.

12. Poland: I knew it would do bad, because it was sung by unattractive guy, it was in Polish, and it was a ballad--three reasons. Got what it deserved.

13. Iceland: Selma was really great, and too bad it did not win. I hope Icelanders will send her again, and this time make sure that she wins. :)

14. Cyprus: OK, weird things were happening in 1999 voting, but after watching ESC 1999 for a few times, I must say that Marlain's performance was under expectations, and it sounded weird. There is something special that connects me to this song, because I had a dream where I heard this song day before I actually heard it for a first time. I can't remember details, but still, I still have this song in my top-5.

15. Sweden: I knew it would do well, but I did not expect it to win! Charlotte had a good performance, but still, I think Selma was supposed to be the winner! The song itself sounded outdated, but yet so good, because it brought back recognizable ESC flavor. :)

16. Portugal: Bad performance, bad song. Too repetitive, outdated, something that never did well on ESC, and will hopefully never do. I hope Portuguese will think twice about their entry for 2001.

17. Ireland: Another bad entry. I was negatively surprised when Lithuanian spokesman said "Ireland, 12 points." I told myself: "No, not Ireland again." Fortunately, it was all OK and the Mullan girls ended where I wanted them to. I still have their autograph.

18. Austria: Nice entry. Americanized, but quite refreshing after Portugal & Ireland. Bobbie looked cute, and the song itself was well performed. Deserved its position.

19. Israel: Yom Huledet/Happy Birthday is now another nice song for birthday, but how did this end up in ESC? And such a high, 5th, position? Too much. Performance was really average.

20. Malta: The video clip simply had to contain a commercial for "Air Malta." Apart from that, a lovely up-beat song that was highly underrated. However, Maltese ESC ally Bosnia-Herzegovina made sure it gets at least 7! And it did! OK, the song is repetitive, but girls looked really nice, and I still listen to this song!

21. Germany: Good. Of course, absolutely NO votes from Cyprus. Wonder why. Anyway, I liked the song, and it really was something unexpected from Deutschland. It was funny when Rena, German spokeswoman said to Israeli ESC host Yigal: "From heart, Shalom & Selam." Yigal just looked at her angry after the "Selam." Anyway, good entry from Germany that deserved its place!

22. Bosnia-Herzegovina: Even though it is my home country, I have to say that song was good, and somewhat different. Performance was brilliant, and it DID deserve its place. Nothing special, but certainly belongs in the top 10!

23. Estonia: A nice song. I expected it to be in the top 10, and it did get in. Evelin & Camille looked really nice, and performance was nice closing of the music part, before the Interval act. Good job Estonia!

My top-23 for ESC 1999:

1. Turkey - Dön artik
2. Cyprus - Tha 'nai erotas
3. Croatia - Marija Magdalena
4. Iceland - All Out Of Luck
5. Slovenia - For A Thousand Years
6. Sweden - Take Me To Your Heaven
7. Bosnia-Herzegovina - Putnici
8. Malta - Believe 'n Peace
9. Estonia - Diamond Of Night
10. Germany - Reise nach Jerusalem
11. Austria - Reflection
12. The Netherlands - One Good Reason
13. Norway - Living My Life Without You
14. Belgium - Like The Wind
15. Denmark - This Time I Mean It
16. Spain - No quiero escuchar
17. Ireland - When You Need Me
18. Poland - Przytul mnie mocno
19. France - Je veux donner ma voix
20. Israel - Happy Birthday
21. UK - Say It Again
22. Portugal - Como tudo comecou
23. Lithuania - Strazdas

Again, I liked all songs, some more, some less, and 1999 was a really high-standard ESC year!