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Thanks Vanja for sending me this video. It was really special to watch it, while a Bosnian woman was commenting on the songs (it was Ismeta Dervoz, ex-YU 76, btw).

1. Croatia: Wow, one of the best performances ever in ESC. I was so excited that I finally was going to see Danijela sing this beautiful powerballad. I really wanted to see her strip :). And it was marvellous! Beautiful girl, beautiful dress, beautiful song, beautiful lyrics. For many this song will always be in their all-time top lists. It is in mine.

2. Greece: Not exactly Pia prosefhi or Ellada, hora tou fotos, but I love the song nonetheless. The intro is superb and it has always reminded me of something. There must have been a Bosnian song back in the days that had a similar introduction. My brother says it was a rock song by Divlje jagode, but I am doubting that. In any case, the song is awesome, again one of my top faves of all-time. But, the dress! Oh, goodness, I have no comments.

3. France: Each year there has to be a song that is awesome, but scores badly. Remember Sev! and Verliebt in dich from 95? Well, those were awesome song, as was Ou aller. Many fans said that the performance was bad. To me, she did a superb job, she really did. I found myself getting up and dancing while this song was playing. Now, that is rare with an ESC song and me. Anyway, I loved those two backing vocals in the back. Their swaying was so cool. So, I don't know what the fuck went wrong. I would not rate Where Are You or Hemel en aarde much higher than Ou aller. In fact... Well, read on.

4. Spain: One of my favorites in 1998. A very beautiful ballad with awesome lyrics. I was singing to this song, it was that powerful. He has a bit of a screeching voice, but it ain't too bad. He was underrated on the night, just like France. But, I am proud to say I love ¿Qué voy a hacer sin ti? The chorus is awesome. I sing it every time I hear it. It's a beautiful melody. And again, I do not know what the fuck went wrong. Good song, good melody, good singer with a good voice. Come on Europe, what else do you need? This song used to be in my mind all the time after I had broken up with my ex. Sniff, sniff.

5. Switzerland: Bullcrap. I am not fond of this. Can't understand why it was a favorite to win. I do not like slow ballads with a dance beat in the background. And there isn't much melody in the song either, especially in the verses. I also am not too fond of Switzerland's comeback in 2000. The only 90's song of theirs that I liked was the 1990 entry, which most fans dislike. A bad song this Lass ihn is, in any case.

6. Slovakia: A nice little tune. I believe it was under-rated, especially when I hear the beautiful chorus. Katerina has a beautiful voice also. BTW, whoever said that Slavic languages sound pretty when sung is right. I haven't noticed it before, but now, after hearing this and also after starting to get infatuated with many Polish entries, I think that Slavic languages are the most beautiful ones to be sung in.

7. Poland: I don't like this at all. Is it a ballad, a rock song, or what? After the highly rated To nie ja!, the beautiful Sama, the awesome Chce znac swoj grzech, and the powerful Ale jestem, To takie proste is a disappointment to say the least. I only like the part when they play the music that sounds very Irish. BTW, don't most of Polish songs sound Irish or what?

8. Israel: What a reaction from the audience! I loved it! I just wish that Eurovision had a persona like this every year. Dana deserved the victory even though she sung off-key for most of the song. But I have to say that the backing track was really too quiet (Turkey 1999, anyone???) and those backing vocals did not help. Speaking of the backers, I wish Israelis would get a new choreographer for once! Every fucking year those backing vocals walk up to the lead and sing with him/her (1993, 1995, anyone???). I hate that!!!

9. Germany: Bullshit. That's pretty much all I have to say. The song is awful. Guildo is fucking ugly and his voice is unbearable. How in the hell Guildo hat euch lieb got the seventh place I will never understand. ARGH! Let's move on.

10. Malta: No surprise from this small Mediterranean island. Not a terribly exciting song, but it is a good song, though certainly not one of my favorites. I believe that third place was a bit too high for this lullyby. Nonetheless, Chiara has a good voice. That's it, I think.

11. Hungary: Guildo no.2. Awful! The melody is unbearable. The voice is excruciating. This must be the worst Hungarian entry and that says a lot. Really a lot! I am not sure how in the hell a country sends this awful a song to represent it. Clearly, it cannot be considered the best Hungarian song of that year.

12. Slovenia: Such a beautiful song! I just adore the chorus. My mom also likes this very much and that says a lot. She is not a fan of Eurovision at all, but once in a while comes along a song she likes. Well, Naj bogovi slišijo is one of them. Vili has a great voice and I think that the song was very, very underrated. I place it near the top of all the Slovene songs, just behind Zbudi se.

13. Ireland: I don't like her looks or her voice very much, but the song is quite OK. A little R&B-ish in the beginning. Oh, how I wish the Irish would finally send either the Cranberries, The Corrs, or B*witched to Eurovision. It'd immediately enter my top 10! Back to the song, however. I like the chorus a little more than the rest of the song, but still it's not good enough to enter my top 10.

14. Portugal: Yoo-hoo! A great song. One of my favorites ever since I heard it and now it's in my all-time top 50! The ethno feel of the song sounds so good! It was a great idea to bring in all those traditional instruments into the song. As a result, the song sounded very Greek and nothin' beats that! Unfortunately, not a very good result for Se eu te pudesse abraçar. Wake the fuck up, Europe! Damn!

15. Romania: The verses are a bit boring, but the chorus is so powerful that I like it a lot. A very recognizable melody, though. I've heard so many songs like this on numerous Croatian music festivals, that it is not anything too exciting. And that doesn't click with me too many times. I'm afraid I can't rank Eu cred awfully high.

16. United Kingdom: "The most trendy song in the Contest," said Ismeta Dervoz, the Bosnian commentator. And it is true, it is the most modern-sounding song of all 25. My mom was glued to the TV set while Imanni was singing. It's a great tune to sing along with and to dance to. Too bad it wasn't released in the U.S., because this would have been an instant hit. But, she'd have to forget those backing vocals. She might have them there to dance, but they should not be singing. They were awful. Imanni, on the other hand, was brilliant.

17. Cyprus: I did not like this when I first heard it, and since this is Cyprus that was very hard for me. I did not like it for a long time after the initial hearing either. But when I saw this on tape, I fell in love. It's a great ethno power ballad. And isn't Michael a stud? He is just gorgeous. he has a great voice. The song is very demanding and I admire his vocal abilities. Looks too, btw :).

18. The Netherlands: A good sequel to Vrede. A very rhythmic song that everyone likes on first hearing. Well, almost everyone. And the audience proved my point. The backing vocals did a great job, also, as opposed to Imanni's company. They also danced well. Just like in 1993. However, the song became a bit repetitive after a while, but it can be forgiven given that the song is great.

19. Sweden: A great message this song has. To bad the song itself didn't live up to the expectations. I expected much more, but the song was rather flat. The bridge and the chorus (or the one sentence of it, as I deciphered it to be long) are very nice. The backers were good and the lead did a great job. It's just that the overall melody of the song was not powerful. But I would have rated it more highly on the night.

20. Belgium: Why in the hell was this a favorite just days before the Big Night? And why the hell did this come sixth? It's a really boring song with no defined melody. The most annoying part is that awful chorus. Movin' on.

21. Finland: A very good song. It's the type that Iceland sent us in 1993, and y'all know how much I like Şa veistu svariğ. Well, you should know! Read my 1993 review! It was a clear favorite (much like Cyprus 1999), but the performance changed many of the fans' opinions (much like Cyprus 1999). Why, I will never find out. To me, the performance was quite good and she did not sound like she had a cold. Even if she did, give her a break!

22. Norway: Oh, too many extra cute guys in such a small arena. I am melting. I like this song very much and it's in my all-time top 50. You should know that the only other Norwegian song in my top 50 is Alle mine tankar (check the front page). Maybe Altid sommer would have been even better with bass beat, but it's quite fine as it is.

23. Estonia: Here we go. The most boring 6-7 minutes of the Contest. A true ballad and I stay away from those as much as I can. He is cute and all, but I am judging the song here (well, most of the time, anyway). Mere lapsed reminds me of a Vanessa Williams song, but then again most Eurosongs sound like some other song.

24. Turkey: What the fuck went wrong? Oh, my God! Dinle was such a great song and this shit is awful. As the Bosnian commentator said, it seems like the Turks got tired of trying to reach a top 5 position so they sent an extraordinarily old-sounding song that sounds like you've heard it thousand times. Now, Ismeta said it all. I have nothing to add.

25. Macedonia: A great beginning song for Macedonia. It is just awesome. I loved it ever since I heard it back in 1998. I can't understand why so many fans don't like it and why it placed so low. The music is very easy to listen to, though that can't be said about the backing vocals. In any case, a top 10 of 1998 for me. BTW, the Macedonian jury (or was it a televote?) was awesome with its votes. That was nerve-wrenching even though I had known the results from 1998.

Here is my top 25 of 1998:
1. Croatia: Neka mi ne svane
2. Greece: Mia krifi evesthisia
3. Portugal: Se eu te pudesse abraçar
4. United Kingdom: Where Are You
5. France: Ou aller
6. The Netherlands: Hemel en aarde
7. Norway: Altid sommer
8. Spain: Que voy a hacer sin ti
9. Macedonia: Ne zori, zoro
10. Slovenia: Naj bogovi slišijo
11. Finland: Aava
12. Israel: Diva
13. Cyprus: Genesis
14. Sweden: Karleken är
15. Slovakia: Modlitba
16. Malta: The One That I Love
17. Ireland: Is Always Over Now
18. Romania: Eu cred
19. Estonia: Mere lapsed
20. Poland: To takie proste
21. Switzerland: Lass ihn
22. Belgium: Dis oui
23. Turkey: Unutumaszin
24. Germany: Guildo hat euch lieb
25. Hungary: A holnap mar es szomoru