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I must admit that now 1995 is my favorite year! I cannot believe that there were so many awesome songs in one year. The first fifteen on my chart at the bottom are all I liked the best and I would put them all in top 10 if it were possible. I found myself liking many ballads. And many of the songs were ethnically influenced, which beats any other type of song for me. Some of those were Greece, Cyprus, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, Poland, Israel, Germany.

The stage looked very simple in the beginning, but when they started using the lighting, it was all looking marvellous! That was especially so during the Norwegian song. The host was OK, but I preferred Fiounnala (or however the heck that's spelled). The Irish did a superb job in 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1997 stage-wise (and certainly not song-wise). Off to the songs:

1. Poland: This is really a nice song. It sounds so soothing. I like it more than that praised To nie ja! Have you noticed that a lot of songs this year sound Irish? Many of them contain Celtic influences and Sama is just one of those songs. More power to it! Greatly underrated on the night. Maybe the juries were turned off by Justyna's off-tune screaming near the end of the song? I don't care, I love this!
2. Ireland: This is also very nice. I love how it sounds. It reminds me of old American black-and-white movies. It actually makes me think of Roman Holiday, which is one of my all-time favorite movies (if not THE favorite). My brother said that it reminds him of the late Frank Sinatra' ssongs and he is quite right. Y'all know that I'm not a fan of Irish entries at all, but this song I enjoy (together with Mysterious Woman)!
3. Germany: Last place?! Come on!! I love this song. Then again I love any ethnically influenced song. I don't know. I just love the melody of the song and it was vastly underrated. My favorite part of the song are those bagpipes. Oh! Cheyenne did sing off-tune during most of the chorus, so that may have been why the juries placed it so low. I am happy to say that this is one of my favorite German entries.
4. Bosnia: This sounded awful sung live. The backing vocals ruined the only good part of the song: the chorus. No-one liked this song when it was chosen to represent Bosnia and no-one likes it now either. I know I don't, however big a patriot I may be. This must be the worst Bosnian song and one of the worst songs ever sung at ESC. However, the lyrics are beautiful and y'all should check them out in the lyrics section!
5. Norway: A somewhat deserved victory. It's such an emotional song that it could not escape the juries. I enjoyed listening to it then and I still enjoy it. I think that it had to be performed with virtually no words, because the music is too powerful in itself to be ruined by lyrics. Nocturne was another (more or less) ethnically influenced song and I love it. The stage lights looked superb during it. My favorite part is when the other two instruments start to play. It's so powerful..
6. Russia: Horrible! I hate this song! And what's up with the guy's looks? the hair? the make-up? the clothes? the whole style? Such a great country and all they could come up with was this piece of shit called a song sung by a Caucasian copy of Michael Jackson. Yack!
7. Iceland: Ehm, nothing special, really. It's a nice, sweet ballad, but those don't do well with me (y'all should know that). If there ain't no ethno sound then the song is bound to be on the bottom of my list (most of the time, anyway). I don't know, but I am really amazed at these Scandinavian countries (in addition to Germany and Austria) which send us at least one song like this every year (Germany 1993, Austria 1994, Iceland 1995). But once in a while they also amaze me by sending a masterpiece (Germany 1995, Iceland 1993, Sweden 1995).
8. Austria: Speaking of the devil. It started off well, but as soon as that saxophone stopped playing and the lead started singing I knew this wasn't going to be good. And it wasn't. I'm not a fan of quasi-jazz songs. Especially when the singer and the rest act as if it's the most uptempo song ever, while it is really a faster ballad. BTW, did she have that microphone too close to her mouth? She sounded so loud! And annoying at times!
9. Spain: Hey, every ESC fan likes this song and I have to say that I liked it in 1995 and I adore it now. Anabel gave us a superb performance. She has such a beautiful voice and she gave it all on the Night. Just listen to her changing octaves when yelling--it's so powerful that it is amazing someone is able to do that. (Not even Mariah Carey has that good a voice, in my opinion.) If it weren't for that mesmerizing Norwegian tune, this would have won by a landslide, and we all know that.
10. Turkey: How underrated! I could not believe my eyes! This is a beautiful song. It's almost as powerful as Vuelve conmigo. I was surprised that I remembered this song from the previews that I saw back 1995. Back then I loved this song. I think she gave a splendid performance, but the only part I did not like was the introductory acapella. Sev! is not a traditional Turkish pop song (e.g. Dinle), but I love it nonetheless. Maybe it was hurt by Vuelve conmigo and Nostalgija like Tha' nai erotas was hurt by All Out Of Luck and Take Me To Your Heaven? Who knows! These are riddles that none of us can solve.
11. Croatia: One of my favorite Croatian entries. When they chose this at Dora back in 1995, we all trully believed that it might as well win. And it did not do bad at all. It kind of started the Croatian trend of superb, fairly rated entries. It's an awesome song. But, I would have definitely gotten rid of Lidija, when I think about it. She kind of ruined her verse, then ruined Danijela's verse by melodically screaming, then ruined the chorus by screaming way too alto for me, and then ruined the end, which she did not pull off as well as in Dora. Nevertheless, I love this song.
12. France: This I always thought was pretty god. But when I watched the tape of ESC 1995, I found many more better songs. I also found myself using the FF buttong quite a lot during this song. And I don't know why. It is good, but it loses its appeal after few listens and it certainly lost a lot of the appeal after a few years. It seems to drag on forever, as it is quite repetitive. 4th place was a bit overrated.
13. Hungary: The melody is awesome. It's such an emotional song. But, why send this dirt-bag? He is the ugliest and the dirtiest ESC artist in a while. Also, his voice is not becoming to the song at all. I like the entire song, except the chorus, which sounds way too much like something already done (basically sounds like most Scandinavian 80's and 90's entries).
14. Belgium: This is a perfect example of an easily forgettable song. I mean, I did not remember a single line of this song from when I watched it in 1995. The Belgians tried to make this song sound powerful, but when there is no appealing melody, then the song cannot possibly sound powerful. Just like in 1993, Belgium is in the bottom of my chart of 1995.
15. United Kingdom: I laughed my ass off watching this. And so did my brother. It's so funny. I like rap and so does my brother (he's the ultimate fan), but this piece of wannabe crap just makes fun of rap music. Rap cannot be done by just anyone and certainly cannot be done by Brits. It's an oxymoron :). Please, stick to dance and pop, OK?! And do not mix rap with a cheery chorus. Oh, it's just fucking funny.
16. Portugal: OK, what kind of bullshit is this? I mean, if a country sends this as the best song they could come up with, then I don't know, the song deserves the last place. And the guy! He was looking like a small child in one of those kids festivals. Portuguese sounded awful in this song. It's almost unbearable. I hate how "chocolate" is pronounced in Portuguese. It's just yack.
17. Cyprus: Oh, yeah! Bring it on! After the boring Belgium, UK, and Portugal, this really puts faith back into a person. Sti fotia is in my top 15 of all time. Cypriots can really make powerful songs that everyone likes. And what's that guy's on the drums name? phone number? address? He is gorgeous! He's young, too. Mmm, just kidding. This song was underrated, though it made it into top 10. It deserved a top 5 position, if you ask me.
18. Sweden: Such a beautiful song. I don't like the verses all that much, but I love the chorus. Even though it is a Scandinavian ballad, it has something that attracts me. The backing vocals did a super job, as did the lead. Hey, didn't this song sound like an Italian canzone? And didn't the Swedish language sound beautiful and also very Italian-like?
19. Denmark: It is really rare that I like a Danish song, but this one swept me off my feet. It's beyond soothing. The beat, the music in the background, the lead's voice, the backing vocals' voices--they all sounded so smooth. It makes you want to meditate. And also, the swaying movements of the lead and the backers is so mesmerizing. I love the whole song, but my favorite part is when they sing the chorus, then go quiet (while the music plays) and then again sing it more loudly for the last time. It's awesome!
20. Slovenia: Many fancy this more than Slovenia's 1999 entry. I, on the other hand, like For A Thousand Years more. Don't get me wrong. Prisluhni mi is also very nice, but those verses are too ordinary for my taste. The chorus is, though, very potent and I like it very much. Much deserved 7th place.
21. Israel: I addition to Sev!, this is another song that I remember clearly from the previews. I remember that I and my family all liked it. But, I do not like how Israelis keep sending entire herds of backing vocals with the lead. They all have to come close to the lead and sing a part of the song with her/him. They did it in 1993 and that annoyed the shit ouf ot me. In 1995, they did the same thing and I find it very annoying, to say the least. There's a reason the Irish designed two extensions on the stage--they were for the backing singers, you know!
22. Malta: Yack! Why in the hell did Bosnia and Croatia give this shit 12 points? It really beats me. In case of Bosnia, I can maybe understand it. I bet the same people who chose Dvadeset i prvi vijek to represent Bosnia gave Keep Me In Mind a douze. Now, that makes sense!
23. Greece: My all-time favorite. Yes, that's right! ALL-TIME! Meaning, out of hundreds of songs sung at ESC, this is the one I like the most. Just love it! And I love the performance. The drums sounded mesmerizing. And Elina's voice is the best! BTW, is she Asian or has Asian roots? She looks very Oriental to me, and to my folks, too. The song was vastly underrated and no wonder ERT does not want to participate in 2000. They keep sending these superb, chart-topping (at least in Greece) songs and Europe keeps underrating them. I think it's time Greece of Cyprus won. They deserve it. They've sent the most number of beautiful songs in the nineties. So there!

Here is my top 23 of 1995:
1. Greece: Pia prosefhi
2. Cyprus: Sti fotia
3. Denmark: Fra Mols til Skagen
4. Spain: Vuelve conmigo
5. Norway: Nocturne
6. Croatia: Nostalgija
7. Turkey: Sev!
8. Poland: Sama
9. Israel: Amen
10. Sweden: Se på mej
11. Germany: Verliebt in dich
12. Slovenia: Prisluhni mi
13. France: Il me donne rendez-vous
14. Hungary: Uj nev...
15. Ireland: Dreamin'
16. Austria:
17. United Kingdom: Love City Groove
18. Iceland: Nuna
19. Malta: Keep Me In Mind
20. Belgium: La voix est libre
21. Bosnia: Dvadeset i prvi vijek
22. Portugal: Baunilha e chocolate
23. Russia: Kablyandiya dlya vukana