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The bottom comments are provided by Vanja, so don't blame ME for his bullshit. Just kidding :).

1. Italy: This is one of those ESC songs that you just forget. That's very bad, since it is from Italy. However, the song has some nice flavor to it, but it didn't deserve more than it got. Not a very good opening of ESC 1993.
2. Turkey: I like this one. It is catch, and in the style of the 50's, I would say. It deserved more points, but at least many people like it. (ed. Hmm, Vanja, are we talking about same Esmer yarim? If yes, then, you'd know that most people don't like it.) The performance was pretty good, and all in all, this song falls into my 1993 tp 15.
3. Germany: This song you either like or hate. However, I would put it somewhere in the middle. Germany has sent many songs in this style, and they knew it was not going to work, but still, they did it...
4. Switzerland: Now, this is quite a refreshment. A really nice song. It certainly deserved to be in Top 3. However, if Ane made a bigger effort in performing, maybe it would have scored higher. She looked really nice, but moving from right to left, is just not enough. Of course, considering that she performed 4th on the Big Night, it couldn't not have gone any higher. A nice ballad, indeed.
5. Denmark: A real schlager. I like schlagers, so this song was quite nice for me. Performance was good considering the type of song, and what else to say. It deserved its points.
6. Greece: This song is very, very good. I liked that ethno melody. However, I think the dress was too tight for Katerina, and if she performed in more traditional clothes and danced, itwould have socred much, much higher. I don't know what's wrong with Mediterranean performers. There were many good Turkish, Cypriot and Greek, as well as Spanish, Italian, ex-Yugoslav etc entries that had ethno melody in themselves, but the performers were usually standing in once place and that just destroys the song. Katerina had too much make-up on and she really looked ugly (ed. WHAT??) on final night, even though she is naturally really beautiful (ed. That's better!). What to say... this song is in my top 5 of 1993.
7. Belgium: Another easily forgettable ESC song. Belgium has a long ESC history, but I am really having a hard time finding nice songs among all those entries. They have two nice official languages, but still, bad entries. No, not my style.
8. Malta: This is one of my favorite Maltese entries. It has that ESC sound... especially if we talk about backing vocals. A nice song.
9. Iceland: First of all, the singer is not extremely beautiful, and she doesn't really look like a model. The song is not my style. It sounds like one of those boring songs from an amateur festival.
10. Austria: This is much better. Tony brought some excitement after Iceland. And it received douze points from the Bosnian-Herzegovinian jury. What can I say? The song combined 80's and 90's flavors. It is catchy, good. One of the best Austrian entries.
11. Portugal: Portuguese language is interesting. But this specific song was boring (ed. Told ya, John!). Nothing against Anabela, though, but I can only stand the bridge o the song. I don't know, it is just one of those songs that I've heard somewhere before.
12. France: This song is just not the proper kind for ESC. I mean, there are many French festivals where this song would fit much better. The song is nice, but still, just not completely my style.
13. Sweden: Believe or not, I simply adore this song. (ed. Well, I do not believe it!! It is not possible, Vanja! What is happening to you?). I know that there are a million songs like this one, but this is still in my top 5 of 1993. It was well performed. Great!
14. Ireland: This song is wonderful. I don't care that Niamh was just standing in one place, the song is superb. Her voice is great and I often catch myself listening to this song over and over again. I especially like the beginning and the bridge. It is one of those strong worthy winners,and this was a well deserved Irish victory.
15. Luxembourg: Luxembourg's last and worst entry in ESC. With all regards, this song was just outdated and nothing special. CHorus is ctachy, but overall, the song is not my style. (ed. Glad to see you back to your old self.)
16. Slovenia: I didn't like this song at first, but with time it grew on me. It has soemthing really nice in itself. It didn't deserve to end toward the bottom, but Slovenes hada chanceto continue the good ex-Yu tradition in 1995, 1997, 1999 (ed. Hey, where's 1998?) Null points from Croatia and only one from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Unfair.
17. Finland: This reminds me of those folk tales and even though many people didn't like it, I think it was great. I'm glad the Bosnian-Herzegovinian jury gave it high points. I hope Finland wins soon, because Finns deserve to finally see ESC in Helsinki. I like Finnish language.
18. Bosnia-Herzegovina: This song is full of emotions. 1993 was the worst year in Bosnian war, and I cried when I heard this forthe firsttime. It is a shame that it didn't receive any points from Croatia and Slovenia, but something weird was happening in 1993 voting. Slovenia gave null points to Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia-Herzegovina gave null to Croatia and 1 to Slovenia, and Croatia gave null to both Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Song's quality is good, I would say. The song itself brought peaceful message, but it wasn't any kind of propaganda. Similar message was sent next year with Austrian entry Fr den Frieden der Welt. I wish Fazla had danced or something, but he was just standing there. I guess, it was full of emotions for him. The saddest part was the Bosnian voting. It described pretty much everything. However, I am glad that BHT managed to send entries during the war and the tradition that started in 1961 (ex-Yu) was successfully continued with Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia. (ed. Damn, Vanja, did yyou have to go ona rant? My fingers are killing me!)
19. United Kingdom: Now, this song is nothign superb, but really catchy and happy and you jsut have to like it. I think Sonia was really surprised with such a high score. Good performance and a placing in my top 15 of 1993.
20. The Netherlands: I realized why many people like this song. The performance was really good and the song was unusual, but still with a recognizable sound. I think it would've done much beter if it were sung in English, but still, I think it is great. And step by step, I am starting to really like it.
21. Croatia: Now this is better to be sung for children who are on their way to bed. I mean, it really doesn't meet ESC standards. Also in 1993, the Croatian war was nothing compared to Bosnian, and this song didn't bring about high emotiong. Pretty bad independent start for Croatian (remember that Croatian entries were the most popular among ex-Yu entries), but later, Croats started sending wonderful entries such as Nostalgija, Sveta ljubav, Neka mi ne svane, and Marija Magdalena.
22. Spain: You just have to like this song! It is really cachy, cool and Eva Santamaria did a good job. One ofthe best Spanish entries in my opinion.
23. Cyprus: Hmm, a nice song. It is unlike other Cypriot entries, but the guys did a good job, and the song is all in all really good, relaxing.
24. Israel: My opinion about this song is not quite clear. I think it is not bad at all, but it has its boring parts. However, it seems like juries didn't like it, and it didn't get many points. (ed. Just the way it should have happened.)
25. Norway: A beautiful song. I like these kind of songs, and it fits into my top 5 of 1993. A great song indeed

Here is Vanja's top 25 of 1993: 
1. Ireland: Why Me
2. Switzerland: Moi, tout simplement
3. Sweden: Eloise
4. Greece: Ellada, hora tou fotos
5. Norway: Alle mine tankar
6. Spain: Hombres
7. Bosnia: Sva bol svijeta
8. The Netherlands: Vrede
9. Finland: Tule luo
10. Malta: This Time
11. Slovenia: Tih dezeven dan
12. United Kingdom: Better The Devil You Know
13. Austria: Maria Magdalena
14. Turkey: Esmer yarim
15. Cyprus: Mi stamatas
16. Croatia: Don't Ever Cry
17. Israel: Shiru
18. Denmark: Under sternerne p himlen
19. France: Mama Corsica
20. Portugal: A cidade at ser dia
21. Germany: Viel zu Weit
22. Iceland: a veistu svari
23. Luxembourg: Donne-moi une chance
24. Belgium: Iemand als jij
25. Italy: Sole d'Europa